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What Kind Of Airsofter Are You? [QUIZ]

What kind of airsofter are you? Squad Leader, Sniper, Support? Find out in our brand new quiz!

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Airsoft Finance Options

No money? No problem! Thanks to our finance options, buying your airsoft gun today has never been easier. Here at Socom Tactical, we want to encourage more people to join the airsoft community. We believe that money should not be a barrier to doing the things you love. That’s why you can now get your ideal airsoft gun on finance. If you consider your airsoft gun an investment, treat it as such. Simply pay a deposit of 10% or 25% on your order and make monthly instalments thereafter.

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What is UKARA?

What is UKARA

UKARA stands for ‘United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association’. It serves as a single database of all registered Airsoft Skirmishers in the UK, and allows retailers to check the eligibility of customers wishing to purchase airsoft guns or “Replica Imitation Firearms (RIF)”.  A UKARA Registration is recognised as a valid defence for purchasing an airsoft gun.

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Airsoft Camouflage And How To Use It

Learn how to make the most out of your airsoft camo - from styles to application, find out how you can use camo to your advantage in the field.

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Airsoft FPS Calculator

FPS Chart users

Many airsoft players view FPS as important. Feet Per Second  measures the muzzle velocity, or the speed your BBs travel when you fire your airsoft gun. A decent rate of fire can make the difference between victory and defeat, so it’s essential to know what exactly how fast you’re firing.

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NATO Size Chart – Conversion guide

NATO Clothing

Buy your NATO issue products at Socom Tactical here How NATO / British Army sizing works NATO sizes are made up of 6 digit numbers which represent metric cm sizing for different parts of the body. This is how many army products are sized in Europe, so it’s worth being aware of the conversions. They are structured as below. NATO

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