The basics of gun drawing, shooting and movement





You’ve got your Airsoft gun and you’re ready to go but do you know the proper technique for drawing your gun, shooting your gun and moving with your gun?

It’s not just for looking cool, like in the movies, proper technique for these three aspects of using your weapon can give you a real advantage in battle.

Pistols and rifles given their differing weights and size may have slightly different approaches in order to get the best result.

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Best Airsoft videos from YouTube


With the consistent growth of the Airsoft market year on year, it is no surprise that there are now a number of Airsoft videos on YouTube.

These videos range from someone uploading one-off recordings of their skirmish experiences to full-on channels delivering news and reviews on Airsoft products, as well as instruction videos for skirmish tips, gun maintenance and upgrades.

We have compiled a list of some of the top YouTube channels based in the UK and what they cover.

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What to look for when buying airsoft gear

When buying Airsoft gear, it is important for you to understand what it is you need for the type of Airsoft game you play and the way you want to play it.

The basics include at least one gun, most people usually carry a rifle and a sidearm such as a pistol along with sturdy, weather-resistant clothing and protective eyewear which are usually all that is necessary for a skirmish or speedsoft.

There are a range of optional gear choices which can give you the advantage during the game although not everything will be suitable for every player or game type.

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Difference between skirmish, milsim and speedsoft


You may be reading this and only recognise one of the following terms; skirmish, milsim or speedsoft or perhaps you started with one and have stuck with it ever since.

These are the three most popular Airsoft games around with their own style of play.

By taking a look at how they differ, you can decide which ones you like or which ones are more suited to you and your weapons or you may find that there are parts of all of them that you like for you to mix up your Airsoft games from time to time.


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BB Guns vs Airsoft Whats the Difference?


It is easy to think that BB Guns and Airsoft guns are the same, after all the ammo for Airsoft guns are called BBs but there are a number of differences between the two.

BB guns came into existence in 1876, nearly 100 years before Airsoft guns, and were mass produced two years later allowing people to shoot BB projectiles.

Airsoft originated in Japan in the 1970s and was originally used for target practice before it was used recreationally for war games and arrived in the UK in the 1980s.

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Best buys and bargains in our shop


Premium weapons and accessories aren’t the only way to go to improve your Airsoft experience and acquire the best gear.

There are plenty of budget bundles and special offers in our shop which offer good value for money with equipment that can still pack a punch.


Our two newest bundles offer a great weapon with a number of helpful accessories at cheaper prices than some of our other bundles.

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What’s new in Airsoft for 2020?








The Airsoft market continues to grow in the UK and worldwide meaning that new weapons, gear and accessories are constantly added to our wide range of stock.

Airsofters look to new stock and new developments for that extra edge in battle for improved performance or improved comfort.

Demand for innovation over the years means there will always be new items taking the best parts of what has come before while improving and ironing out the kinks of previous versions.

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Top five tools to add to your Airsoft toolkit






Once you have your Airsoft equipment ready to go, the next step is to keep your gear in good shape to extend its longevity.

There are a number of tools you can make use of to repair, tune and upgrade your weapons to ensure it maintains its peak performance.

This will allow you to get the most out of your weapon rather than buying a new one as soon as a problem occurs with your current weapon.

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What Airsoft Battery Should I Use?

What Airsoft Battery Should I Use?

When getting into airsoft its hard to choose the correct airsoft battery, whether it is NIMH / Lipo / LiFe / Li-Ion, and then which format of cells you require for your Airsoft gun.

Below we have a short breakdown of the benefits and types of batteries available to help guide you through the purchase of your new airsoft battery.

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What Airsoft Gas To Use?

What Airsoft Gas To Use?

It can be confusing when looking at the different types of gas available. There are many different types, and different brands but these all look very similar, with the only difference being the packaging. There are three common styles with different power levels, which provide lubrication for your seals and gaskets on your gas blowback airsoft gun.

So which one do you need?

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History of Airsoft

The beginning – A brief History of Airsoft

Airsoft began in Japan in the mid-1970s but the story starts before that.

At the end of WW2, citizens were no longer allowed to carry firearms so they turned to buying replica firearms which, at that point, had no purpose other than to look like the real thing.

Moving on to the 70s, replica guns were created to fire projectiles, small BB pellets, by a spring-loaded system which allowed the people of Japan to buy a weapon that could mimic the feel of firing a gun as well as copying the look.

While the skirmish sites weren’t really there at that point in time, these people now had an opportunity to play with their friends using these safe replica weapons, marking the start of Airsoft as a hobby.

Rise in Popularity

The growth in popularity among Japanese citizens was noticeable and companies in Japan soon latched onto it and began to create a marketplace for these weapons.

Airsoft grew further as Japan began exporting to other countries in Asia such as Korea, Taiwan and China, all of which had strict gun laws as well.

The spring-powered guns provided the firing ability but lacked the FPS to make the guns anywhere near as fast as their real counterparts.

The 1980s saw advances in the design of replica weapons and the technology used to propel pellets towards someone else.

Gas-powered guns, those with a blowback ability, came in to increase the velocity of the shot and still be safe to use against opponents.

It was during the 80s that Airsoft’s popularity began to spread outside of Asia, reaching the UK and US markets.

Cultural factors

Cultural factors

Many in the UK and the US welcomed the idea of Airsoft where people could shoot at each other with realistic looking and feeling guns.

They could do this without ending up with bruises which were the case for the fairly new and popular battle simulation of paintball.

Action movies brought forward the idea of an action hero who relied on an arsenal of guns to take down the bad guys.

War history enthusiasts, whether through film, documentaries or books, would have gained an interest and knowledge of the guns used throughout history which these replicas could faithfully imitate.

The 2000s saw a boom in the number of video games released regarding war which introduced gamers to many of the famous brands of pistols and rifles such as the Desert Eagle and the AK47.

Many people wanted to feel like an action hero, a solider or like they were playing a real-life video game and Airsoft gave people this chance without being in any danger.

Growth of Airsoft stock

As the market began to grow, people’s interest in a gun’s look and capability grew as people sort to not only play Airsoft as a hobby but also to invest time and money into buying Airsoft guns and accessories which suited their needs.

With the constant innovation and increase of new military-style weapons since WW2, there was an ever-growing list of real weapons where a replica was demanded.

In the 90s, Tokyo Marui invented the first electric gun, the AEG, to improve the rate of fire further.

Since then, guns have been built and designed with a number of features, along with customisation options, for people to get everything they need from their gun.

Airsoft today

Airsoft has grown on a global scale with Asia, North America and Europe, in particular, embracing it with a huge number of websites selling Airsoft guns internationally.

Almost every European country has skirmish sites while the UK now boasts over 150 of them.

It is a popular market which is still growing with no signs of its popularity stalling or declining anytime in the near future.

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