Monthly Archives: April 2015

Trek n’ Eat, a tasty variety of ready foods

New to Socom Tactical is the range of ‘Trek n’ Eat‘ ready cook foods, perfect for camping or milsim games and only take a few minutes to cook. It’s as simple as pouring hot water into a bag and stirring!

But what can it offer? Trek n’s Eat offer a wide variety of meals and ingredients on the menu including Breakfast, Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Dessert, some of which are even Gluten free . The bags are packed with high quality and a high quantity of deliciousness to keep you going throughout the day.

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Gate Mosfets Just In! But what can they do?

Just come in is the Gate branded mosfets for airsoft guns. If you’re unsure on what mosfets do or how it can improve your performance, keep reading to find out!

Basic Mosfets are used in guns to basically control the current and flow of electricity through your guns and pass it straight through to your motor, as a result you gain:

  • Faster trigger response
  • Higher rate of fire
  • No trigger contact burn out

These are the effects of a basic Mosfet, however the Gate ones offer a more premium amount of features compared to the more expensive other brands. Below is a chart of the effects each Mosfet by Gate and if you’re not sure on what any of it does, keep scrolling until you find what you need.

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