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What is Airsoft Milsim?

What is MilSim?
MilSim is the abbreviation for military simulation. This can encompass a broad range of events and activities, however, within the Airsoft community, Milsim is a term that has become synonymous with long (sometimes 30h+) roleplay wargames usually including the use of military tactics, equipment and organisation, as well as a number of props, casualty simulations and pyrotechnics.

There are a number of companies that run these events in the UK and although these are normally privately owned these companies have deep military roots with most staff members and owners being ex or current service.

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Where can I find second-hand Airsoft guns and equipment?

Buying second-hand Airsoft guns and equipment

Buying second-hand Airsoft guns and equipment can be a good idea for you to buy what you need at a cheaper price rather than a brand new product and means that these items can be reused rather than dumped.

There are a number of sites which specifically deal in used Airsoft equipment such as Prefired, Used Airsoft and Second Hand Airsoft.

These sites act as a portal between buyers and sellers of second-hand Airsoft equipment like a marketplace rather than these websites sourcing and stocking their own second-hand equipment.

Airsoft guns and equipment can be sent to you by the sellers through Royal Mail, there are no posting restrictions on them even though they look like guns.

The more you know about Airsoft guns and equipment, the easier it will be to pick the right second-hand equipment.

It is important for you to understand what you should be looking for and what questions you should be asking of the seller to ensure that you are buying equipment that still has plenty of life left in it.

Factors to consider when buying second-hand equipment

You should try to get as much information as possible from the seller which can be helped if the seller posts a detailed account of the item and its usage.

If there is a lack of information or the posting only contains vague details then it is up to you to ask questions of the seller to ensure you are satisfied that you will get good use of the equipment.

Sellers should provide basic information

Sellers should provide basic information such as the make and model of the gun they are selling and tell you all the items and components that come with it as well as photos to display the equipment.

When it comes to second-hand Airsoft guns and equipment, there are extra things to consider. You will want to know the age of the weapon and to know (roughly) how many rounds have been fired from it.

airsoft quiz 5

Having this knowledge will help give you an idea of how much usage and wear-and-tear there may be for the internals of the gun so you can judge if the gun still has a long life.

Having been owned by someone else, it is possible that the weapons being sold may have been upgraded from its original state.

Without knowledge of this, you might get a different gun than you were expecting. It may even be an upgrade that doesn’t interest you but will likely cost you more money than the stock version of the gun.

You should also ask if there is any damage to the gun, superficial or otherwise, to see if it may affect the gun’s performance. It is your call to decide if the damage is a deal breaker or not.

Second-hand Airsoft equipment should be cheaper than new equipment and the buyer/seller relationship on the sites allows you the chance to negotiate on the asking price set by the seller so you may be able to get it even cheaper.

Ways to test your newly bought second-hand equipment

If you are satisfied with the information you receive and go ahead on buy the weapon, there are a few things you can check upon its arrival to ensure everything is in working order.

  • You should check for any damage even if the seller said there was no damage or made you aware of some damage.
  • Check the condition of the barrel, it may be in good condition but in need of a clean.
  • For AEGs, make sure the fuse is in place and is the correct current rating for the gun.
  • If you are able to test out your weapon in an enclosed back garden for example, you can practice firing to make sure the rounds feed okay and don’t get jammed.


Top 10 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Choosing an airsoft rifle is hard when there are so many options available.

Here’s a list of the top 10 and their features, to help you make that all-important decision.  

10. Well 4402D sniper rifle Olive

The original price for this bundle is great although the rifle has been reduced as the scope and bipod are no longer included.

Without the bipod, it is a fairly weighty rifle to carry around but does possess a velocity of around 390FPS and the adjustable hop-up allows for a more accurate shot.

9. ASG 308 Accuracy International L96 sniperrifle

This sniper may not look as real as other ones with its blue coat but the full metal trigger box and full metal barrel give it the performance of a real rifle.

This is a powerful yet cheap sniper, at 420FPS, to hit targets from far away with an adjustable hop-up to improve your accuracy further.

8. JG G36 Counter Sniper RIS 608-sl85

This rifle is suited for spotting, targeting and neutralising enemy snipers which is why it has a low capacity magazine model.

When targeting other snipers, they will likely be stationary so you most likely won’t waste much ammo as you would if you were trying to snipe a moving target.

7. Jing Gong AK Dragunov SVD AEG

This has a classic AK47 rifle look but is indeed a sniper rifle. The only metal used in this rifle is for the controls so it is much lighter than other rifles in the AK range as well as other sniper rifles.

Having a pre-installed bi-pod and long metal outer barrel makes it a good weapon of choice for anyone undertaking a Designated Marksman role.

6. Well MB01 Warrior I l96 style Sniper Rifle (Black)

This is a good sniper for beginners to use to get used to this type of rifle and style of battle.

The top rail allows for the attachment of scopes to further improve the long-range accuracy of this rifle along with the adjustable hop-up.

Sling points at the front and rear as well as an adjustable cheek rest and butt pad make the rifle bend to the owner’s comfort.

5. Ares Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle (Black)

This lightweight rifle boasts a number of features which makes it one of the top sniper rifles on this list.

The 45 round capacity magazine for this weapon is over double the ammunition capacity for most other sniper rifles while it has 30% shorter bolt pull over others as well.

The clockwise 23mm threaded barrel is ideal for attaching suppressors to make the noise from firing almost non-existent.

4. Ares Amoeba Striker Short Sniper Rifle AS02 (Dark Earth)

This Ameoba Striker takes everything that worked for the hugely popular AS01 model while making some external improvements to it.

The barrel is shorter than the previous version, a small groove has been added to improve the grip while it has a ¾ length pull in comparison to most other sniper rifles.

The 4 rectangular vent holes at the front are ideal for placing rails in to fit a number of accessories onto the rifle.

3. King Arms MDT TAC21 Tactical Rifle – BK – Limited Edition

The most expensive rifle on the list, the TAC21 value comes from its great craftsmanship as well as its great ability.

The Chassis system is made from aviation-grade aluminium with anodized finishing so a lot of effort has gone into the look and design of the rifle as evidenced by the Magpul PTS MOE grip and Magpul PTS PRS stock.

This gives the weapon an incredible level of authenticity and control.

You might expect a sniper rifle at this cost to have all its own features set out but it is still highly customisable to make it suit you further.

A top mounting rail, a built-in mounting rail as well as a side rail and bottom rail opens up the possibilities for a number of accessories to be attached

2. Tokyo Marui PSG-1 Electric Sniper

This is one of the few electric sniper rifles in the Airsoft market. The high price reflects the quality of this rifle over a long distance.

With a 4×40 rifle scope, it provides a high quality of magnification to allow you to shoot accurately from almost 300 feet away, helped even further by an adjustable sniper stock.

This sniper rifle is the ultimate in long-range combat because of this and only stays off the top spot due to its price tag.

1. JG VSR / bar10 G-Spec with scope

This deceivingly lightweight sniper rifle is top of the class when it comes to everything you look for in a sniper rifle.

An adjustable hop-up, a top rail for scope attachments (which comes with the rifle) and a barrel extension provide pin-point accuracy from up to 200 feet away at a rate of 400FPS.

On top of this, the rifle is fully upgradeable to improve its performance even further.

Top 5 2019 Airsoft Pistols

With so many pistols available, it is important to work out which pistols are new or still relevant in 2019

rather than ending up with a pistol with outdated features that have since been surpassed.

5. WE 3PX4 Compact gas Pistol

As suggested by the name, this pistol is one of the smallest on the market but it does still provide a great kick when fired.

Don’t be fooled by the simple design, the pistol is highly customisable.

There are replaceable grip pads to suit the size of your hands and the magazine release is removable to be fitted to suit left and right handers.

4. WE Hi Capa 5.1 Black Dragon GBB pistol ( Type B)

This semi-automatic pistol’s stand-out slide design gives the gun a unique look among other pistols but it has substance as well as style.

It can be run on both Gas and C02 magazines and is very comfortable to hold, providing an accurate shot with a sharp recoil.

If that’s not enough, there are a number of options to customise the pistol internally and externally with a number of compatible upgrades and extras available.

3. ASG CZ P-09 Black

This double action, full size replica of a pistol is designed to be held in a single hand without losing any of its functionality.

The pistol is comfortable to hold and fires smoothly.

This is thanks to a textured grip and the smoothness of pulling the trigger.

The rail is integrated into the design of the gun allowing for the mounting of accessories such as a light or laser.

The 3 dot ironsight makes it easier to identify targets which, along with the adjustable hop-up, improves the accuracy of shot.


2. Tokyo Marui USP GBB Gas blow back

The gun may not look special but there are a number of features which improve the performance of this pistol.

The 15mm cylinder mixes stable shooting with a powerful recoil whether you choose single or double action while the magazine catch lever can be adjusted to suit left and right handers.

The safety and decocking system gives the user the ability to lock the hammer in full cock or change from full cock to half cock.

An undermount rail is included in the purchase of the gun which allows for the adding of accessories to the gun such as flashlights.

1. TOKYO MARUI – Desert Eagle .50AE (GBB)

The Desert Eagle has a recognisable iconic look and name known among airsoft players and anyone who has played a warfare video game.

This is one of the largest Airsoft pistols available and provides the kick and blowback you might expect from a larger type of gun.

Despite this, the pistol is easy to use and carry as it is a lightweight weapon with a smooth grip, making it a good choice for running and gunning on the battlefield.

The adjustable hop-up allows you to improve its range and to add some backspin, making it capable of reaching targets accurately up to 100ft.

At a cost of £160, the pistol is in the medium price range of all pistols so it represents good value for all that it offers.

Top 10 Airsoft Assault Rifles

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If you’re thinking of getting an airsoft gun, here’s a list of the top 10 models and their features.

10. JG Aug A4 AEG

This is a simplistic rifle with an impressive velocity rate of 340-370FPS.

This medium price ranged assault rifle handles well despite weighing almost 4kg with a sleek external coat that gives it the look of a real gun.

9.ASG M14 Wood effect AEG

This electric rifle comes with both semi and fully automatic firing modes with the wooden look and weighty feel of the rifle staying true to the original 1959 M14 it was based on.

It benefits from an adjustable hop-up and rear sight to improve range and accuracy. The stand out feature of this rifle is the butt plate which allows users to stabilise the rifle against their shoulder.

8.Cyma M14 Black full-length AEG

This rifle has a well-above-average velocity of 375 FPS with a long barrel improving the accuracy and range of the shot.

It also comes with an adjustable hop-up, a rear iron sight that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically and a rubber stock pad which stops the rifle from slipping as you hold it while the butt plate stabilises the rifle against your shoulder.

7. Jing Gong AK74U Metal Body

One of the oddest looking guns on the list is a compact version of the classic AK74 rifles making it easier to hold and carry while still producing a powerful shot.

The electronic blowback system gives you a real jolt as fire off your shots at a rapid rate of 400-450 FPS.

6. Ares Amoeba AM-009 long Rail

The Electronic Firing Control System used in the gearbox allows for semi-auto, a 3 round burst or fully automatic firing while the electronic trigger provides a faster trigger response.

It has a front and rear flip-up iron sight and an adjustable hop-up to improve range, targeting and accuracy along with a high torque flat motor.

5. JG G36 long JG1038 AEG

This replica is based on a very modern-day rifle currently used in the German army and it has the durability to match.

The folding stock can change the weapon’s length to suit your situation whether you need it for close-range or long-range combat.

The handguard rail allows for accessories to be attached while the rifle itself is compatible with a number of external and internal upgrade parts.

4. G&G Combat Machine CM16 MOD0 AEG

This rifle looks and feels like the real deal with a length of 86cm making it one of the bigger, more imposing rifles and an adjustable hop-up makes it dangerous over a long-range.

There are two 20mm rails, at the top of the receiver and the top of the handguard, for accessories to be added onto it. The modular handguard allows for even more attachments like Grips and Launchers.

The 6 position Stock, along with the Hand Guard, is replaceable and the rubberised rotating butt plate design is unique to this rifle.

3. Valken TANGO ASL Series M4 Airsoft Rifle AEG

This rifle may be towards the lower end of the price range but that doesn’t mean you don’t get a lot for your money.

This is a high-grade weapon suitable for short and long-range firing with front and rear iron sights while there are six positions the Crane Stock can be adjusted to make the rifle the length that suits you to achieve the range you desire.

The Nylon Fibre Receiver allows you to add a number of accessories such as flashlights and the ambidextrous magazine release and fire selector features allow it to be operated comfortably by left and right-handed people.

2. ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 carbine – M95 vers

The selling point of this rifle is the attention to detail that goes into the design to make it look like and have the durability of the real thing while still being relatively lightweight.

While it has some useful features found in other rifles such as an adjustable hop-up, 4 position adjustment and features which make it ambidextrous, it has some unique aspects which sets it apart from the others.

It has four firing modes; safe, semi-auto, 3 round burst and full-auto while it also has a feature which prevents it from firing once the magazine runs out.

This rifle is right at the top end of the market in terms of price and quality.

1. Wingun co2 m44 Mosin Nagant with bayonet

This rifle is an exact replica of the 1944orginal and the detail is clear to see with the imitated wood colour and texture design adding to the realistic look of the iconic rifle.

It is a rifle that is useful for both short-range and long-range skirmishes with an adjustable rear sight to ensure high-precision accuracy.

This rifle is versatile, being good for close combat and long-range attacks with an adjustable rear sight to ensure high-precision accuracy while the sling mounting points make it easy to use for left and right-handers.

The most unique part of it all is the folding metal bayonet which is fixed onto the rifle to be used when your opponent is within touching distance.

Benefits of using Airsoft Conversion Kits

Airsoft Conversion Kits are attachments for your pistol which can alter the weapon’s feel, purpose and capability.

We offer a Pistol Carbine Kit which can be used on G17, G18 and G19 pistols.

You may be wondering what the advantages are for doing this are so below is an explanation of the main benefits you should see should you decide to buy a conversion kit.

It gives you two weapons in one

Airsoft Conversion Kits are a great way of turning your pistol into a whole new weapon while in battle to suit your needs.

This gives you two weapons in one with the kit being easier to carry around than a whole other gun for you to switch between.

On top of this, it is a quick and simple process to add or remove the conversion kit so you are not stuck with the choice of whether you would like to use it or not before you go into battle.

It is also easier for you to store away whether it is at home or it is on your person while it goes unused in battle.

Even if you don’t remove the kit when you are done with it, the kit may make your pistol more like a rifle or SMG but it is not quite as long so it takes up less space than the real thing.

Extras can be added to the gun

Conversion kits also give you the option to add extras to your weapon that might not be available for your pistol.

If under rails or side rails are a part of the conversion kit then that will allow you to add attachments to it such as lights or lasers to give you an advantage in battle.

Make improvements to your gun’s ability

The extra accessories are helpful but the conversion kits can make huge improvements to your current weapon dependent on your needs.

If you want to improve your accuracy or firing range, these kits can help you to make your weapon capable of achieving this.

Similarly, these kits can be used to improve the feel and comfort of holding the gun.

This could simply be by making the grip more comfortable to hold but can also lower the recoil you receive from firing your weapon.

Slings and mounts are common for bigger guns such as rifles and these can be used as part of the kit to help make your weapon ambidextrous, to suit whichever arm you want if your original weapon doesn’t give you that option.

Cheaper than buying two separate weapons

Ultimately conversion kits are a cheaper option than buying two separate weapons. You can get the benefits of a rifle or SMG without actually having to buy and maintain one.

Buying a simplistic pistol along with a conversion kit that includes extras may work out cheaper than buying an all-singing, all-dancing pistol where these are included in the first place.

The same can be said for buying a rifle or SMG with these qualities if your current gun doesn’t offer it to you.

Top 5 Airsoft Grenade Launchers

Grenade launchers are a great weapon to target a cluster of enemies rather than an individual.

They can be used for both close and long-range combat to engage opponents but some are better suited to dual combat than others.

5. S-Thunder Pistol Grenade Launcher (Metal)

This grenade launcher looks very unassuming with its small size and your opponents may not recognise it to be a grenade launcher on first viewing.

It is to be underestimated at your opponent’s peril as it provides an effective shot to match the power of bigger grenade launchers although it does lack their range.

Its shorter range and lightweight design means it is more suited to close-range combat making it a rarity among grenade launchers that it can be easily carried and won’t slow you down on the battlefield.

4. CYMA 40mm Airsoft Grenade Launcher

This is another compact and robust grenade launcher but the metal construction makes it slightly weightier than the S-Thunder but has the added benefit of customisation options.

The top rail allows for the attachment of accessories such as grips, lights and lasers to improve the feel and performance of the gun.

Both short and long type shells can be used for this grenade launcher.

3. D-Boys GP25 AK 40mm Grenade Launcher for AK Series w/ 1x Shell

When you see AK, you may think about rifles but this Russian grenade launcher is part of the AK series as a whole.

This looks like more of a grenade launcher than the S-Thunder to strike fear into your opponents and with the option to fire the full bb capacity of 36 in one shot, you can rain down a number of pellets on your opponents at once.

It is best used in close combat although it does have an adjustable sight to improve accuracy and can be used for under-barrel or stand-alone use.

2. Airsoft EGLM 40mm SCAR Grenade Launcher Black

This is an enhanced grenade launcher which packs a powerful punch but with that comes a heavy build.

It is still comfortable to use though for both left and right-handers as the barrel can be loaded from either side and it is quick to reload with the sideloading feature it possesses.

It can be attached to the barrel of a number of SCAR weapons which improves the overall impact of your shot.

1. Airsoft EGLM 40mm SCAR Stand Alone Grenade Launcher Black

It may be called stand alone but it can be fitted under a rifle although this won’t give you the full benefits that this launcher can provide.

This may be the most expensive grenade launcher we offer but there are a number of good reasons for it.

Many of the features listed for the above grenade launchers are included here along with extras which are unique to this model.

The fast, ambidextrous reloading and sideloading features are present as well as a top rail but it also has a side rail for accessories to be placed onto it such as a scope, flashlight and laser sight.

Also, it comes with an additional slide stock with butt pad, has an adjustable QD sight and is collapsible to give you a choice of 3 different lengths to choose from.

Top 10 Airsoft Submachine Guns

airsoft laws

There are countless variations of Airsoft Submachine, so it can be difficult choosing the right one.

Here’s a list of the best available at the moment if you’re thinking about investing in on.

10. JG MC51 SAS – AEG

This compact SMG made of both plastic and metal is great for CQB and the velocity of 360FPS makes it one of the fastest firing guns around.

9. JG T3 G3 SAS CQB JG096 Sub machine gun

With a shortened barrel and the stock removed, this gun is light and compact.

What it lacks in additional features, it makes up for with a high-capacity magazine able to hold 500 BBs and provides a fast firing rate at 365FPS.

8. JG P90 with 1500 round box magazine

A slightly awkwardly shaped SMG where the main benefit is the large magazine that comes attached to the gun so that you can keep on firing for a long time.

The fire selector offers three options; safe, semi and auto.

7. Ares Amoeba AM-015 CQB Soundhog (Black)

This high-powered SMG is great for close-range combat with semi and fully automatic shooting mode and there is also the option of using a silencer.

The retractable buttstop can be placed in two separate positions and it also has a front and rear sight to improve targeting.

The 8 sided handguard comes with a 20mm rail for accessories such as lasers or flashlights to be attached to them to enhance the gun further.

6. ASG B&T MP9A1 Foregrip – Black

The appeal of this SMG lies in the gas blowback and the realistic look and feel of the replica.

With a folding stock to adjust the weapon’s length which, along with the adjustable hop-up, allows you to rapidly fire at a further range or in a more accurate manner while the integrated front grip gives you more control over it.

An added bonus is that the trigger has an active safety function.

Best Airsoft Guns 20185. G&G ARP9 with keymod rail AEG (Black)


The small size of the ARP9 makes it easy to carry and aim but looks can be deceiving. You might not expect it to have such great accuracy and range but it does, making it a popular primary weapon.

There is a rail for both the front and top allowing for accessories and sights to be added to the SMG.

It fires at a fast rate of 330FPS.

4. JG MP5K with m4 stock and rails JG206

This is a compact yet heavyweight SMG that has a lot to offer.

It has top, side and lower rails to mount sights, attach grips and other accessories to attach to it while the front and rear iron sight are adjustable.

It has a couple of ambidextrous features such as rear sling mount along with a fire selector making it possible for you to use whichever hand is your strongest when using it.

The velocity is also adjustable ranging from 290-320FPS.

3. Jing Gong MP5SD with retractable stock

This is a good starter gun for new Airsoft players to get their hands on a reliable, durable realistic-looking replica at a very affordable price.

A built-in suppressor and retractable stock make it easy to manoeuvre during close encounters on the battlefield with the ability to silently take out your enemies without them hearing a thing.

2. S&T PPSH-41 blowback aeg (Real Wood)

This mixture of steel and imitation wood provides a stylish look for a sub-machine gun with a 2000 round drum magazine.

As suggested by the name, the blowback system is a big part of the gun’s appeal but being an iconic Russian weapon of WW2 is also an enticing factor.

The adjustable hop-up allows you to improve the range and accuracy of your shots.

1. ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 – B.E.T. carbine, M95 version

This gun allows you to change the velocity easily so you can determine for yourself how fast the pellets shoot out while still providing highly accurate shots thanks to the front and rear iron sights.

The full-metal internal system makes the weight and function feel like the real thing as well as looking like the real thing.

It can detect when the magazine is empty while it has a 4 position fire selector with a genuine 3-shot burst and the custom electronics inside make it a high functioning weapon.

What Airsoft role should I be?

Airsoft game typesThere are a number of different roles in Airsoft, each suited to a person’s character traits, fitness and what you might imagine being in a battle should be like.

Having the correct understanding of the purpose of each role can help you to decide which one might suit you best to lead you and your team to victory.


For those with patience and a flair for the tactical side of skirmishes, the Sniper role may be the best choice for you. Snipers are often far away from the action, using a sniper rifle’s long-range of vision and shot to hit enemies from a distance without them being able to see you.

With sniper rifles being one of the heaviest Airsoft weapons, it is advisable to pick a spot and stay there for long periods of time targeting people from afar.

This is where patience is key. Picking a good spot to lay low will help to ensure you are out of sight and may give you a good view of the enemies but there may be times when you see no one for long periods of time.

Add to that, you will likely be lying on the ground with your sniper rifle which might not be the most pleasant feeling depending on the terrain and the weather. A sniper has a less active role in terms of moving about the battlefield which might be appealing to you or it might leave you wanting more. 

Designated Marksman

If you would prefer to be a bit closer to the action and keep moving, you might consider the role of Designated Marksman instead.

The idea is for you to work on the frontline, rather than far away, to take out people who are out of range of riflemen.

Unlike a sniper, the Designated Marksman role requires movement around the battlefield picking off targets rather than staying in one place, helped in part to the rifle being lighter than a sniper rifle.

For a sniper or a Designated Marksman, it is common that the role doubles up as a scouting role to identify enemies from a distance, report on the number of enemies in a location and point out any areas where the enemy is weak or lacks cover.


A rifleman is found on the frontline in the heart of the battle. The rifleman forms the main point of your team’s offensive work from gunfights with rifleman on the other side, clearing and securing a room or an area in order to fulfil your game’s main objective.

This role is one of the more active roles as you need to hit people, avoid being hit and cover ground quickly as you will likely be in constant battle. To put it simply, this role is where the action is. With that comes the fact that you will be in a role where you are at most risk of being hit.

Support Gunner

The Support Gunner is one of the more selfless roles in Airsoft. This role requires you to be in the heart of the action with the Riflemen but your job will be to help them succeed rather than aim for glory yourself.

One of the main jobs is to provide covering fire to pin the enemy down so that Medics and Riflemen can pass through an area without coming under fire themselves.

This role is a physically demanding one as you will have to carry a weapon and extra ammo for a number of different guns to provide to others on the battlefield as and when they need it.


When people are hit, they rely on the Medic to come and heal them so that they can continue playing again.

A Medic will often carry a gun for protection but usually won’t actively seek out battles.

Instead, they are required to move quickly and safely across the battlefield to help those who have been hit.

In real terms, the Medic may also provide water to teammates to keep them hydrated to prevent dehydration and exhaustion being a contributing factor to a team’s loss.



Another role for those with a tactical mind as the Grenadier makes use of explosives to disable, intimidate and flush out the enemy through the use of items such as smoke grenades and flashbangs.


This role comes with a choice of whether you use a grenade launcher to project these items or you can throw them yourself, allowing you to pin grenades to your attire while you carry a separate rifle or gun to give you an added option for attack.



Airsoft Support Weapons

The top 5 Airsoft Support Weapons

5. S&T M1918 BAR Real wood WW2 AEG


The appeal of this support weapon is in its design and its history as a replica of a weapon used by the USA in both World Wars as well as the Korean and Vietnam War.

The rifle is made completely of metal yet features a dark wood furniture kit that gives it a realistic look, geared towards making it look exactly like the original.

It weighs 5kg even without having an in-built bipod and so is one of the heavier weapons to carry around without an integrated bipod to set it down on.

4. A&KM249 MK1 support weapon AEG


The MK1 is a full metal support weapon which gives it its sleek and realistic looking design.

It comes with an integrated bipod so that you can set it down and take up a position to provide cover for your team by continuously firing at the enemy.

This is helped by a generous 2500 round drum magazine and a quick change spring system so that you won’t be losing time constantly readjusting or reloading your weapon.
The adjustable stock can help you to spread your fire as far or as close as you want depending on the situation.

3. A&K M249 MK46 support weapon AEG


Like the MK1, The MK46 is a full metal support weapon with particular attention paid to the design to make it look like the real thing.

Overall there isn’t much to choose between this and the M1 as they share a lot of the same features and cost the same.

It comes with an integrated bipod, 2500 round drum magazine, quick change spring system and the adjustable stock just like the M1, providing the same benefits.

The MK46 just gets the edge on the MK1 because of the ability to mount the grip, making it easier and more comfortable to hold.

Overall, it may just come down to a case of which one you like the look of the most as appearance is one of the only things they differ in.

2. FN Herstal M249 Para support gun


This is a full metal support gun that comes with a number of features to make it one of the best support weapons on the market.

The magazine can hold a whopping 5000 rounds but that isn’t the only good thing.

The magazine box is sound controlled meaning that it will automatically detect when you dry fire a couple of rounds, so it auto-winds.

There is also an option to have it continuously wind.

It is one of the heaviest guns around at over 6kg so it may weigh you down but once you stop to use it, you will feel the full benefit of it.

This support gun fires at a fair rate of 300FPS but it is the features mentioned above which make it stand out and worth the investment.

1. A&K m249 MK2 Support weapon


This rifle’s full metal design makes it sturdy, durable and a replica true to the original weapon.

With a box magazine of 2400 rounds and a rapid velocity of 390FPS, you can lay siege to your enemies with firepower as you halt their fire and allow your own team to advance forward.

The 14mm front threading allows for the attachment of accessories for your support weapon and to switch up the flash hider to suit your needs.

Targeting opponents and hitting them accurately is helped further by an adjustable hop-up as well as a top rail for red dot targeting or scopes to be added.

The best in Assault Vests and Pouches

It can be a hassle to carry all the equipment you need around with you during battle.

With the right assault vest and pouches, you can carry all the guns, magazines and conversion kits you need for a skirmish on your person with ease and in comfort.

Assault vests

5.11 TACTEC Chest Rig (Black)

This is one of the cheaper assault vests available but it still has a lot to offer.

This assault vest keeps your items close to you thanks to a number of compartments found all around the rig.

The vest is lightweight and doesn’t cover your whole upper body so it will not weigh you down, giving you the ease of movement on the battlefield.

There are six compartments in the front for you to store things so that they are easy to reach. There are compartments to the side which are useful for storing accessories.

There is a pocket at the rear designed for your Airsoft admin such as cards and documents.

Everything you store in these compartments will be protected against all types of weather you encounter to ensure that your items and documents remain dry.

5.11 TACTEC Plate Carrier (Black)

This assault vest covers your whole upper body to offer protection from incoming fire or the force of your weapon (if you fall over and land on your weapon) and it doesn’t get damaged by the weather.

Despite its look and the protection it offers, it is a surprisingly light vest allowing you free range of movement rather than weighing you down.

The skeletonised waistband and yoke shoulder pads distribute the weight evenly and the adjustable waistband allows you to make it as loose or tight as you need it to be to make you feel comfortable.

It also has a one-hand quick release system so that you can shed it quickly if you need to.

Emerson Gear NCPC Navy Cage plate carrier Black

This offers protection, quick release and adjustability to match the TACTEC plate carrier but there are a few extra features which make it stand out.

The vest has integrated pouches to allow you to carry three 5.56 .223 magazines as well as an admin pouch to carry documents, cards and other miscellaneous items with you.

Shoulder pads and interior pads are removable so you can customise the vest to suit your needs.


Viper Quad Magazine Pouches – Black

This pouch is cheap yet it provides space enough for 4 M4 sized magazines and can be attached to tactical vests and rigs.

This is lightweight and easy to attach, giving you a chance to carry plenty of ammo to last you through a day of battling.

Tasmanian Tiger dump pouch- Multicam

This camouflage option goes well with other camouflage equipment to make you harder to spot among the terrain.

It’s all well and good to have storage space and pouches for your equipment but a dump pouch gives you the option to discard your used items.

If you have an empty magazine, you want it to be out of your way as soon as possible and don’t want to be reaching for it again if you try to pull out a fresh one.

The pouch is capable of storing 4 G 36 double magazines.

This can help to stop waste on the ground but from a tactical point of view, it prevents you from dropping these items which might give your opponent clues to your location.


This pouch can be integrated with other 5.11 products such as bags, packs and duffels to provide you with a bag with plenty of storage space for your Airsoft items at a height of 10” and a width of 3 ½ “.

The durable Nylon makes it sturdy but also weatherproof keeping the pouch and the equipment inside protected at all times.

The moulded grip pull is a nice feature which makes the pouch easy to grasp while you are wearing gloves. The pouch may be protected from bad weather but your hands, outside of gloves, aren’t.

All Airsoft Shotguns

Airsoft pistol

With 25 shotguns to choose from, we have compiled a list of all the shotguns and ranked the best one in each price range.


Double Eagle M58A spring shotgun £45.00

Cyma CM351 Sawed-off tri shot shotgun (plastic) £50.00

DE M56B shotgun tri-shot 3 rounds £55.00

Cyma CM350 Airsoft Tri shot Shotgun £55.00

Stand out: DE M56B shotgun tri-shot 3 rounds

The M56B and CM350 are well-matched as suggested by the same price but there are a couple of things that give the M56B the edge.

The design is unique in that the shotgun looks like a pistol and is almost 1kg lighter than the CM350 allowing you to move around the battlefield quickly and putting less strain on you from carrying it around.


DE m56A shotgun tri-shot 3 rounds £60.00

DE m56AL shotgun tri-shot 3 rounds £65.00

DE M56c shotgun tri-shot 3 rounds £60.00

DE M56DL tri shot spring shotgun £60.00

Double Eagle m63 Spas 12 Tri shot shotgun £60.00

Stand out: Double Eagle m63 Spas 12 Tri shot shotgun

In a price range dominated by the Double Eagle brand, this is the tri-shot shotgun that stands above the rest.

With a firing range of up to 50ft, it is one of the more capable shotguns from a larger distance and more ground can be covered by lofting shots upwards.

It boasts a firing rate of 270fps and can carry 30 BBs at a time.


Bison 870 Pump Action Tri Shotgun (Black – 402C)£70.00

Cyma CM352 Airsoft Tri shot Shotgun £70.00

Cyma CM352LM Tactical Barrel Tri-Shotgun Long – Plastic £70.00

Cyma CM370 Airsoft Tri shot Shotgun M1014 £70.00

Stand OutBison 870 Pump Action Tri Shotgun (Black – 402C)

With this Tri Shotgun, you can shoot 3 BBs at a time like most others in this price range but provides the added benefit of having an adjustable hop-up and 2 shell-style magazines.

It also includes a Rubberised butt pad and pistol grip which makes it easy to grip and to hold for long periods of time.

Pushing the pump to ready your shot, along with a satisfying click, gives you a real sense of being an action hero.


Cyma Tactical m870 operator shotgun – Black £85.00

Cyma CM357a Short Shotgun Tri shot £80.00

Cyma CM351M Sawed-off tri shot shotgun (Metal) £85.00

Stand out: Cyma Tactical m870 operator shotgun – Black

This shotgun is a unique replica with its custom stock and handguard design which is rare among shotguns.

It also comes with Adjustable Rear Ironsight to account for windage and a fixed front Ironsight as well as a trigger lock.

This replica was produced with the airsoft market in mind and you can fit a sling on it which can be used to suit you whether you are left-handed or right-handed.


Cyma CM352M Metal Airsoft Tri shot Shotgun £90.00

Cyma CM352LM Tactical Barrel Tri-Shotgun Long – Metal £100

Secutor Velites M870 S-V Spring shotgun £105.00

Secutor Velites M870 S Spring shotgun £90.00

Stand out: Cyma CM352LM Tactical Barrel Tri-Shotgun Long – Metal

This spring-powered shotgun is good for both short and long-range combat as it comes with a tactical folding stock so that you can adjust it to suit your needs.

Made from a mixture of metal and a durable polymer to give it a realistic look, improve durability and is easy to use due to the anti-slip texture on the front grip.

Shotgun shells from other manufacturers can be used in this so if you want a new shotgun but still have ammo leftover from an old one, you can go ahead and use it.


Hwa San Mad Max Double-barrelled shotgun (Long) £265.00

Hwa San Mad Max Double-barrelled shotgun (short) £250.00

Tokyo Marui m870 Breacher £290.00

Stand out: Hwa San Mad Max Double-barrelled shotgun (short)

While being one of the smaller shotguns on the market, this gun still packs a punch.

It may be small but it isn’t subtle.

This shotgun can fire up to 7 BBs per shot with improved range, accuracy and power and range thanks to the inner barrels.

The ease of reloading and turning the safety on and off is a real plus.

The safety, located behind the barrel release, is changed with a simple click forward or back while the shells are partially pushed out by the ejector, making reloading simple and quick.


TOKYO MARUI – Kel-Tec KSG (Gas Shotgun) £369.99

Tokyo Marui SGR 12 Tri Shot Shotgun £599.99

Stand out: Tokyo Marui SGR 12 Tri Shot Shotgun

If you’ve come this far, you may as well look towards the most expensive shotgun. This shotgun offers a variety of choice to start with and can be improved further by buying additional items.

The shooting mode can be either semi or fully automatic, boasts a new design motor and comes equipped with a “3 Cylinder Mechabox.”

The majority of the shotgun is made of metal which gives the gun a very professional, realistic look although it is on the heavy side weighing over 4kg.

Airsoft FAQ – Ammunition (BBs)

airsoft gear for beginnersWhen people speak of BB ammo, they tend to think of it as a single thing when in reality, there are a variety of BB types with key differences between each one.

The weight of BBs determines how much force is needed to shoot BBs out of a gun and can have an impact on a gun’s accuracy and trajectory.

Different types of BBs

0.2g BBs

This is the standard weight for BBs for use in most Airsoft guns and rifles. This type of BB is simply designed to be ammunition for a number of Airsoft weapons rather than provide added benefits on top of the weapon.

Having said that, different brands producing this type of BB have a design focussed on enhancing a particular feature of a weapon’s firing ability such as the accuracy or smoothness of a shot.

0.23g BBs

This is considered medium weight BB and is suitable for any Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) used in Airsoft.

Improved accuracy on the standard 0.2g BB is the main selling point for this type of BB with an emphasis on keeping your trajectory true as you fire to get as accurate a shot as possible.

0.25g BBs

While 0.23g BBs are good for improving the accuracy of guns with a shorter range, 0.25 BBs are suitable for pistols and rifles with a longer barrel and longer range.

This helps you to make the most of and maximise the added velocity a longer barrelled weapon provides you as opposed to a shorter one.

Heavy Weight BBs

The weight of these BBs is upwards of 0.28g suitable for sniper rifles. These BBs allow snipers to cover long distances, ensuring an accurate and powerful shot.

The strength of propulsion from the BB eliminates the factor of wind resistance to keep your shot fast and accurate.


Which one is best for you?

If you have decided on a particular weapon or a particular role for you to play on your team, your hands might be tied. For certain weapons like a sniper rifle, Heavy Weight BBs are the sensible choice.

We have leading BB brands, including Proball, ASG Blaster, Blaster Devil and Blaster Trace.

Depending on which brand of BBs you choose, there are additional benefits on offer. Some BB brands like ProBall promise precision accuracy while ASG Blaster provides BBs with a smoother texture to ensure no loss of compression when shooting.

ASG Blaster provides tracers for a number of different sized pellets. These allow you to see the path your bullet has taken once it leaves your weapon if you are involved in any night-time skirmishes.

Both offer biodegradable BBs to ensure that pellets left on the floor will eventually go back to the earth although ASG Blaster doesn’t offer this for every size.

Overall there isn’t too much difference in the cost among the different brands. However, some offer additional features like tracers so it is up to you if the added advantage is worth the additional cost.

Socom Tactical Airsoft new product releases and how-tos

Quality testing

If you have the opportunity, it may be a good idea to test different weighted BBs for your Airsoft weapon to see the different effects each provide on the power, velocity and accuracy of your shot.

If you are using any weapon other than a sniper rifle, different BBs should have an impact on at least one of the factors mentioned above while sniper rifles already tend to focus on all three at a long-range.

Different BB pellets can cover the same range although some may be slower and less accurate than others if they are affected by the wind. It is one thing for the BB to reach your target but not all of them have the same power and impact as others.

Through these tests, you can be satisfied that the BB ammunition is fit for purpose for yourself so that you are not wasting ammo with inconsistent shots.

Best Value Airsoft Bundle Deals

An overview of our best bundles, and why you need them.

Airsoft JG G3 Bundle

Price: £245.00

Overall value: 307.00

This bundle includes an assault rifle and some extra equipment to complement it.

Some of the equipment that comes in this pack is not available to buy individually from us so this is a good chance to gain extra items and accessories for this pistol in one place.

1x JG G3 RIS (Black or Olive)

This replica is a rifle that looks and feels like the real thing with the weight close to 3kgs while its long length makes it an imposing rifle on the battlefield.

The long barrel length gives you a greater range of shot at a fast rate of 345-375FPS.

2x Oper8 8.4v 1600 crane battery

2 sets of batteries for use on crane stock and handguards to provide your gun with energy to run throughout a skirmish.

2x High cap magazines

2 sets of high capacity magazines holding 500 rounds each to give you a good supply of ammo storage options to carry on you during the battle.

1x Oper8 NiMh smart charger

This is a simple to use charger for your rifle’s batteries with LED lighting to let you know that the battery is being charged and it lets you know when it is fully charged.

1x 0.25g Proball BBs (3000)

A pack of 3000 BBs from a highly reputable brand, this provides you with plenty of ammo to go along with your pistol and the magazines which carry it.

1x MP5/G3 claw scope mount

This mount can be attached to the pistol’s receiver.

The mount adds a top rail to your pistol which gives you the option to add accessories such as lasers and flashlights, sights and scopes to enhance performance.

Airsoft Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 bundle

Price: £208.00

Overall value: £240.00

This is a good bundle to choose if you are after a pistol with a lot of great features and some helpful equipment and accessories to go with it.

Some of the equipment that comes in this pack is not available to buy individually from us so this is a good chance to gain extra items and accessories for this rifle in one place.

Bundle includes:

1x Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 (Black)


This pistol already comes with a fine set of features before you get to the rest of the bundle.

Picking out people as targets and hitting them accurately from a long distance is made easier with this pistol.

It has an adjustable hop-up and a front and rear sight to improve range and accuracy.

This is topped off with a rail which allows for the attachment of accessories such as flashlights or lasers.



2x Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 magazine

2 sets of magazines with a capacity of 31 rounds each gives you a healthy supply of ammo storage to start with for your pistol.

1x Cytac 2011 Hi Capa R-Defender holster

A stylish holster to carry your pistol in with a quick-release button so that you can draw it out quickly when you need to.

1x Cytac double magazine holster

A small attachment to your attire for you to carry your 2 sets of magazines in when you purchase this bundle.

Airsoft Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier Pack Bundle

Price: £205.00

Overall value: £251.00

For all your Airsoft equipment, you’ll need something to carry it all in which is where this carrier pack bundle comes in.

Some of the equipment that comes in this pack is not available to buy individually from us so this is a good chance to gain more carriers in one place.

Bundle includes:

1x Tasmanian Tiger LC plate carrier

The Tasmanian Tiger LC plate carrier is a lightweight panel with a smooth design.

The carrier can be altered in a number of ways to make it comfortable for you to wear and hold your equipment in.

The length of the shoulder straps and the elastic side attachment are adjustable while the front and side areas can be extended individually.

1x Tasmanian Tiger double M4 magazine pouch & 1x Tasmanian Tiger double pistol magazine pouch

As indicated by the name, these pouches each have two compartments in them to carry your M4 or pistol magazines in, providing you with plenty of room to store spare magazines for your battle.

1x Tasmanian Tiger dump pouch

This dump pouch can be fastened to your vest, allowing you to store used magazines and other utensils.

To give you an idea of the size, it is capable of storing 4 G 36 double magazines.

This can help to stop waste on the ground but from a tactical point of view, it prevents you dropping these items which might give your opponent clues to your location.

1x Tasmanian Tiger admin pouch

This comes with a number of pockets of different shapes and sizes to hold cards, documents and torches among other things.

The Best Airsoft Blogs to Read

Best Airsoft blogs other than ours!

Airsoft International Magazine

This blog, which takes articles from the Airsoft International Magazine for their website, is a good place to start for beginners or for people who want to learn about the world of Airsoft before they dive into it.

The blog gives a run-down of the different types of guns, rifles and gear available, the advantages of each one and it explains in great detail how these weapons work.

It is good for beginners as it offers plenty of guidance to help you tackle and understand the jargon surrounding Airsoft as well as the rules of owning Airsoft weapons.

Airsoft Society

While this blog writes about things that are commonplace to consider in Airsoft, it tackles some less obvious issues that will only become apparent if it happens to you.

They have articles dedicated to treating injuries and wounds although not all of it is relevant for UK players such as what happens if you come into contact with poison ivy but it is good to see the advice is out there for instances like that.

As well as publishing their own blog articles, the Airsoft Society website makes use of forums for Airsoft players, at any experience level, being able to ask for and receive advice from fellow players.

It is fitting therefore that the site should be referred to as a society as it is a blog that encourages people to share their experiences or give advice, creating an Airsoft community where people help one another out.

Black Rams Airsoft

This blog is unapologetically focussed on reviewing Airsoft guns in-depth rather than discussing Airsoft as a whole.

The common template for them is to take 3 AEG rifles and compare them.

It may require you to read other blogs first to gain an understanding of the different components of rifles as it doesn’t take time to explain the importance of the different features.

Everything about the rifle is discussed, from gearboxes and recoil to how realistic the rifle feels to hold in your hands. It is a good place if you can’t decide between rifles but you’ll have to make sure you know what they are talking about first.

Popular Airsoft

This blog brings together all aspects of Airsoft into one place. They offer detailed features on Airsoft issues while also keeping up to date with the latest Airsoft news as well as reviewing Airsoft weapons and tactical gear.

This blog also offers video demonstrations for a number of guns and rifles to showcase weapons and give the viewer an idea of the strength, size and range of a particular weapon.

While other blogs have a backlog of articles to make up for their lack of new articles, this blog is constantly updated with more news, reviews, features and videos so you can keep going back for more.

Airsoft and MilSim News Blog

Despite the news being in the name, this blog covers all things Airsoft as well. Gun reviews are detailed and are quite a long read but the information is broken up and presented well.

This blog can call on some important names to interview in the Airsoft world from tactical gear manufacturers to Airsoft Event managers, to provide the readers with information from an expert.

They also report on Airsoft events where new weapons and gear are presented and tested to give you a sneak peek at what to expect in the near future.

Femme Fatale Airsoft

This blog is unique for a couple of reasons.

Firstly it is a female-focused blog.

Secondly, it was founded by Kelly Hardwick who has a constant presence on the blog, it is rare to see such a personal touch for a blog like this.

Kelly lives and breathes Airsoft, running the blog while still taking part in skirmishes when she can and articles can be found where she discusses how she first fell in love with Airsoft.

This makes the site both informative and engaging.

Reviews of guns, gears and events make up the bulk of the blog’s content for those who know what they are after while there are also ‘How to’ articles to help less experienced Airsoft players along the way.


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