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Huge gun delivery just arrived!

We at Socom Tactical airsoft have just received a huge shipment of over 25 airsoft guns, including AEG assault rifles, sniper rifles and new magazines such as the sought after PMAG style.

Some new additions to the shop include the ever popular MP40, and Sten gun to complete your WWII loadouts or even the KARK98 if your want the unique look and the rare shell ejecting features. In addition to that we now stock spare shells if needed to keep you competitive on the field.

If GBB pistols aren’t your thing we also now have even more CYMA AEP Glock, P226 and CZ99 style pistols as well as all of the spare magazines and batteries to suit your needs.

Thanks for reading this blog post and stay tuned for more coming soon.

For all your airsoft needs, please visit:

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New Retro Arms Electronic trigger processing unit !

We are exited to see a new kid on the block to take on the troublesome ASCU units. Below is some information released from retro arms. We are exited to test one of these new units!

Processor unit for our gearboxes

This is a program-controlled device with motor active braking. It has six shooting modes, controls rate of fire, precocking, active braking and low battery indication. The device is fully integrated inside the RetroARMS gearbox. The gun trigger is used for programming this device, the motor vibrates as a feedback for the user. Coated with lacquer, it protects device against water.

Maximum battery: Ni-xx 8.4 – 12V, lipol 7.4 – 11.1V

Maximum AMP: 25amp

It means no more adjusting our trigger and contacts in your gun!
Unit comes with all wires and programming scheme
Here are functions of our processor

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The New Gate ‘NanoHARD’

In our most recent delivery we got some of the ‘NanoHARD’ Airsoft mosfets, a new product from Gate with a few new features. Although we were hoping for an even more advanced version of the Merf 3.2 with the burst control setting, we were still pleased to find the new features of the NanoHARD.

One of the new features included is ‘Debouncing’, this allows the mosfet to be run and used with a micro switch trigger in your AEG. This gives you the added value of a higher RoF (rate of fire) and a much quicker & crisper trigger response.

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New Abbey Vortex Gas, Arriving Soon…

As soon as we heard the news of the Abbey Vortex airsoft gas released, we jumped right onto it and ordered loads, but what are the benefits?

The Vortex gas has been designed much like the Guarder black gas we’ve previously stocked. It contains a lot more power and designed to tackle the cold weather we face in Britain, this makes it an excellent substitute for their predator gas in metal blowback pistols and blowback snipers/rifles.

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Trek n’ Eat, a tasty variety of ready foods

New to Socom Tactical is the range of ‘Trek n’ Eat‘ ready cook foods, perfect for camping or milsim games and only take a few minutes to cook. It’s as simple as pouring hot water into a bag and stirring!

But what can it offer? Trek n’s Eat offer a wide variety of meals and ingredients on the menu including Breakfast, Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Dessert, some of which are even Gluten free . The bags are packed with high quality and a high quantity of deliciousness to keep you going throughout the day.

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Gate Mosfets Just In! But what can they do?

Just come in is the Gate branded mosfets for airsoft guns. If you’re unsure on what mosfets do or how it can improve your performance, keep reading to find out!

Basic Mosfets are used in guns to basically control the current and flow of electricity through your guns and pass it straight through to your motor, as a result you gain:

  • Faster trigger response
  • Higher rate of fire
  • No trigger contact burn out

These are the effects of a basic Mosfet, however the Gate ones offer a more premium amount of features compared to the more expensive other brands. Below is a chart of the effects each Mosfet by Gate and if you’re not sure on what any of it does, keep scrolling until you find what you need.

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5.11 Tactical Kit

Since 2014 we have been an official dealer for 5.11 Tactical gear, who supply a large range of rigs, pouches, clothing, belts and the famous TACTEC range of pouches, plate carriers and vests in a variety of Sandstone, Black, Olive Drab and Storm Grey. Designed to ensure high performance protection while remaining lightweight and mobile, the TacTec Plate Carrier features a skeletonized waistband and yoke shoulder pads for a secure and comfortable fit, an integrated web platform, a one-handed quick-release/escape system, and adjustable elastic tensional bands for stability during periods of high activity. Tactical Plate Carriers also feature our patent-pending low profile GrabDrag handle for fast recovery of downed personnel.

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Retro Arms, New Kid On The Block

We’ve recently contacted and got in a whole bunch of Retro Arms CNC parts to perk up your airsoft rifles in a variety of colours like black, green, silver and red. These parts include ‘speed triggers‘, fire selectors, screw parts and other mechanical parts. Most products are cut and manufactured to fit both AEGs and GBB rifles. Even including the pesky M249 box mag springs that usually split!

Internal parts wise they have high speed aircraft aluminium pistons with 8/9 teeth as well as high torque pistons built for a higher FPS. Aluminium air nozzles for ICS M4s, AKs and SA80 series guns.

Check out the Retro Arms and other products we have in store:

AEG Simple Troubleshoot Guide

Out in the field your AEG may break down for the simplest reasons, but you may have no idea why. We’re constructing this post as an ultimate guide to fixing the simple breaks that anyone can do with standard tools and not a lot of knowledge.

Horrible sudden screeching noise? Not to worry (too much hopefully) it could just be the motor height has loosened and may just need tightening, this will likely require a flat head screwdriver if its a more modern design or a 3.5mm Allen key. See the video below for a quick guide on finding the best position of the motor disc.

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