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Most popular Airsoft equipment of all time

From pistols and machine guns to rifles

From pistols and machine guns to rifles, there is a variety of Airsoft equipment to choose from depending on what kind of gun you want. Each gun category has a variety of choice so we have picked out the most popular of each for you to consider.


PISTOL: TOKYO MARUI – Desert Eagle .50AE (GBB)

Magazine Capacity – 27+1

Length – 270mm

Weight – 1160g

Framerate- 260 FPS

The Desert Eagle is a classic pistol- fans of warfare games will most likely recognise the name and its look is simple yet iconic. This pistol is light so it is easy to carry around, easy to grip for aiming and it’s good for running and shooting at the same time.

It has a great range due to an adjustable hop-up allowing you to put some backspin on your shots, reaching targets accurately up to 100ft with a blowback effect to simulate the impact of firing a real gun.

ASSAULT RIFLE: Wingun co2 m44 Mosin Nagant with bayonet

Magazine capacity- 12 Round Removable Magazine

Length- 1023mm, 1340mm w/ Bayonet Deployed

Weight- 3724g

Framerate- 480FPS

For less subtle options, you might consider this assault rifle. Being an exact replica of the 1944 model, this rifle really looks the part with the imitated wood colour and texture design.

It is a rifle that is useful for both short range and long range skirmishes with an adjustable rear sight to ensure high-precision accuracy.

If that wasn’t enough, it even comes with its own affixed folding metal bayonet if you end up getting into close range combat with an opponent.


SNIPER RIFLE: JG VSR / bar10 G-Spec with scope

Magazine capacity- 28 round

Length- 860mm

Weight- 2200g

Framerate- 400FPS

For those who like to pick off their targets from a distance, this is the best all-round sniper rifle to use.

Given the look and size of the rifle, it is surprisingly lightweight and provides pinpoint accuracy while aiming up to nearly 200 feet away, aided by an adjustable hop-up.

The rifle is fully upgradeable to make it an even more efficient and effective rifle capable of long-range combat with accurate results- nobody will be able to see it coming.


SUBMACHINE GUN: ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 – B.E.T. carbine, M95 version

Magazine capacity- 75 rounds

Length- 815mm

Weight- 2450g

Framerate- 312FPS

Most guns provide and encourage accurate shooting but the thrill of submachine guns like the Scorpion is the rapid fire of bullets against your opponents in a skirmish. The gun allows you to change the velocity easily so you can determine for yourself how fast the pellets shoot out.

That isn’t to say the Scorpion doesn’t provide accuracy though as it comes with front and rear sights to make for a more accurate shot.

This version of the Scorpion is designed to not only look like the real thing, but it is also made to feel like the real thing in weight and function thanks to a full-metal internal system.

It is open to customisation to increase the spray of bullets coming from your submachine gun making it an even more potent choice of weapon.


SHOTGUN:  Bison 870 Pump Action Tri Shotgun (Black – 402C)

Length- 880 mm

Weight- 1770g

Given the need for a much closer range than other guns, shotguns are the least subtle of all. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t look stylish and give you a real feel for what it is like to hold one.  With this Tri Shotgun, you can shoot 3 BBs at a time with great force to those nearby.

The pump action is reminiscent of many action movies where a hero reloads his shotgun simply by pushing the pump, making a satisfying clicking noise in the process. A Rubberised butt pad and pistol grip make it easy to grip and to hold for long periods of time.


Top 5 Unbeatable tips to improve your airsoft skills

airsoft quiz 7

“Before you enter the battlefield, it’s a good idea to get in some really good training.”

Whether you are a beginner or far more experienced, every airsoft player can improve their skillset on the battlefield.

Remember these vital tips and apply them to your next skirmish and you will see an improvement in your focus, accuracy and general performance next time you’re in a cross-fire.


1)  Practice makes perfect

You are only as good as the time you put into the game. Regularly attending airsoft games where you live or further afield forces you to think like a soldier. When you have the right mindset, know your gun and the battlefield inside out, you will begin to predict your opponents’ next move.

There are many airsoft sites throughout the U.K. The most popular locations to become a better airsoft player can be found here


2)  Practice Improve your accuracy

The more you play with your chosen gun the more accurate you will become. However, you should do the following to improve your overall accuracy and rate of fire.

  • Know your gun – In combat it is best to utilise your gun’s sights and steer away from using hip fire on your automatic weapon as this will lead to inaccuracies and empty mags.
  • Hold your gun correctly – Using a stock (placed on your shoulder) will help you to control your aim. With the stock pressed against your shoulder, use your weaker hand to hold the gun whistle your stronger hand presses the trigger. If you can master gripping your gun you will eliminate your opponents’ before they shoot you.

3) Defence Oriented and Offense Oriented. Be more Tactical

Airsoft is fundamentally a tactical sport so it is important that you start to understand how the game works. When you are comfortable with this, you will automatically be able to think carefully about how you can best perform in each skirmish.

Rather than try harder to think smarter. This approach will make you one step ahead of your opponents’ and earn you the win your team deserves.

4) Don’t buy cheap guns

You get what you pay for! Don’t break the bank but also don’t buy the cheapest weapons either. Airsoft gun range.  The Ares Amoeba Honey Badger AM-013 is a good starter assault rifle and with this, you will be able to hit something. But it is £200! If you are new then perhaps a less expensive option is a good pistol, they start at £80.


5) Join a local team

Find a local airsoft team, or try with your friends. The more you do it, the better you will become.  Learn from others, look at their weapons and see what is good for your set up.

If you feel up to it let someone empty a magazine on you just to see what it feels like and see the different rates of fire and clip load, it will make it all more fun on the day. It does not really hurt and it will make you bolder as a soldier.


AND REMEMBER Never surrender

Remember, the more you play at Airsoft, the better you will be. Don’t be down on yourself if you can’t seem to win. Ask fellow players for help and advice; what new tactics can I use, should I be more offensive, should I be a sniper? Just keep trying, be safe and have fun.

By following these three sure-fire tips, you will quickly be able to improve your skill set and ultimately become a better airsoft player.