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What cylinder to use with different length Airsoft barrels


It’s a common misconception that simply installing things like bore-up kits and Type 0 cylinders in your gun will allow you to crank a higher FPS out of your average AEG. It’s also incorrect to think that you can just throw any length barrel into any AEG and expect it to work perfectly with no negative affects. Which cylinder type you pair with a certain range of barrel lengths is very important in order to optimize both your AEG’s FPS as well as it’s efficiency.

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AEG Simple Troubleshoot Guide

Out in the field your AEG may break down for the simplest reasons, but you may have no idea why. We’re constructing this post as an ultimate guide to fixing the simple breaks that anyone can do with standard tools and not a lot of knowledge.

Horrible sudden screeching noise? Not to worry (too much hopefully) it could just be the motor height has loosened and may just need tightening, this will likely require a flat head screwdriver if its a more modern design or a 3.5mm Allen key. See the video below for a quick guide on finding the best position of the motor disc.

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