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Where can I do Airsoft in the UK?

UK Airsoft

Airsoft is a popular sport where battles with fake weapons that feel realistic can take place without having to face the danger of a real battle.

Although the weapons are generally harmless, there are rules in regards to carrying these around.

Airsoft equipment should not be taken out into public. If you carry it with you, it must stay concealed in a bag, unloaded. This is because these guns, even though they are fake, can cause unnecessary worry to the public if spotted.

Two-tone guns (guns of more than one colour) are recommended if they are ever carried anywhere other than a skirmish zone as to make the gun imitation appear less real but it is still advised that you conceal them.

Any damage you cause to people not wearing protective equipment can be designated as common assault and items broken can be classified as criminal damage.

That is why there are designated areas where people can take part in Airsoft with other players referred to as skirmish sites.

These skirmish sites range from woodland sites to urban sites where players are free to roam around and fire their weapons at others in the knowledge that those people are part of the game too.

There are over 150 skirmish sites are set up across the UK where you can get involved in a simulated battle with others, using your Airsoft equipment in the process.

This saves you from having to organise your own get together and find suitable space to play in.

You can contact the owner of the site to join in or you can set up your own skirmish site to have a battle simulation among a group of people, usually taking place on a Sunday.


If you are simply a person interested in becoming an Airsoft player, the cost is non-existent to take part in Airsoft activities.

Some sites will allow you to buy or rent Airsoft equipment once you are there which, along with the cost of travel, is the only cost associated with Airsoft activities for players.

Buying and owning your own weapons and protective gear beforehand means that you have everything you need and won’t have to pay for them each time you play.

The only added cost comes if you want to upgrade your current equipment.

You can register with the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) to become a registered player, requiring you to play three games on a UKARA registered game site over a two month period.

If you want to set up your own game site to run and have people join your group, there are a number of costs associated with bringing this to fruition.

You will need to reach an agreement with the owners of the land to rent or buy the site for yourself (even if the site appears abandoned), clean up the area and make it the layout you want.

Once all that is done, you will need to take out an Airsoft insurance to cover you for public liability so that those who take part in your activities are insured. The good news afterwards is that registration with UKARA is free.

Top 5 Unbeatable tips to improve your airsoft skills

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“Before you enter the battlefield, it’s a good idea to get in some really good training.”

Whether you are a beginner or far more experienced, every airsoft player can improve their skillset on the battlefield.

Remember these vital tips and apply them to your next skirmish and you will see an improvement in your focus, accuracy and general performance next time you’re in a cross-fire.


1)  Practice makes perfect

You are only as good as the time you put into the game. Regularly attending airsoft games where you live or further afield forces you to think like a soldier. When you have the right mindset, know your gun and the battlefield inside out, you will begin to predict your opponents’ next move.

There are many airsoft sites throughout the U.K. The most popular locations to become a better airsoft player can be found here


2)  Practice Improve your accuracy

The more you play with your chosen gun the more accurate you will become. However, you should do the following to improve your overall accuracy and rate of fire.

  • Know your gun – In combat it is best to utilise your gun’s sights and steer away from using hip fire on your automatic weapon as this will lead to inaccuracies and empty mags.
  • Hold your gun correctly – Using a stock (placed on your shoulder) will help you to control your aim. With the stock pressed against your shoulder, use your weaker hand to hold the gun whistle your stronger hand presses the trigger. If you can master gripping your gun you will eliminate your opponents’ before they shoot you.

3) Defence Oriented and Offense Oriented. Be more Tactical

Airsoft is fundamentally a tactical sport so it is important that you start to understand how the game works. When you are comfortable with this, you will automatically be able to think carefully about how you can best perform in each skirmish.

Rather than try harder to think smarter. This approach will make you one step ahead of your opponents’ and earn you the win your team deserves.

4) Don’t buy cheap guns

You get what you pay for! Don’t break the bank but also don’t buy the cheapest weapons either. Airsoft gun range.  The Ares Amoeba Honey Badger AM-013 is a good starter assault rifle and with this, you will be able to hit something. But it is £200! If you are new then perhaps a less expensive option is a good pistol, they start at £80.


5) Join a local team

Find a local airsoft team, or try with your friends. The more you do it, the better you will become.  Learn from others, look at their weapons and see what is good for your set up.

If you feel up to it let someone empty a magazine on you just to see what it feels like and see the different rates of fire and clip load, it will make it all more fun on the day. It does not really hurt and it will make you bolder as a soldier.


AND REMEMBER Never surrender

Remember, the more you play at Airsoft, the better you will be. Don’t be down on yourself if you can’t seem to win. Ask fellow players for help and advice; what new tactics can I use, should I be more offensive, should I be a sniper? Just keep trying, be safe and have fun.

By following these three sure-fire tips, you will quickly be able to improve your skill set and ultimately become a better airsoft player.