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Best buys and bargains in our shop


Premium weapons and accessories aren’t the only way to go to improve your Airsoft experience and acquire the best gear.

There are plenty of budget bundles and special offers in our shop which offer good value for money with equipment that can still pack a punch.


Our two newest bundles offer a great weapon with a number of helpful accessories at cheaper prices than some of our other bundles.

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New Abbey Vortex Gas, Arriving Soon…

As soon as we heard the news of the Abbey Vortex airsoft gas released, we jumped right onto it and ordered loads, but what are the benefits?

The Vortex gas has been designed much like the Guarder black gas we’ve previously stocked. It contains a lot more power and designed to tackle the cold weather we face in Britain, this makes it an excellent substitute for their predator gas in metal blowback pistols and blowback snipers/rifles.

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Socom Tactical Information


Socom Tactical Airsoft is a premium Airsoft retailer selling all the items related to Airsoft in physical stores as well as online at premium rates. If you are after such Airsoft products and searching the most dependable and affordable retail stores or think of online purchase, Socom Tactical is the best place to visit in UK and elsewhere in our branches.

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