What Airsoft Gas To Use?

What Airsoft Gas To Use?

It can be confusing when looking at the different types of gas available. There are many different types, and different brands but these all look very similar, with the only difference being the packaging. There are three common styles with different power levels, which provide lubrication for your seals and gaskets on your gas blowback airsoft gun.

So which one do you need?

Green Gas

Green gas is one of the lower pressure Airsoft Gas formally known as 134a which was commonly used as a refrigerant gas. This gas has recently been banned as a HFC gas due to damages to Ozone and environment. The gas has been replaced with 144a gas with lubricant. Green gas is designed and used to work best with plastic slide pistols like Tokyo Marui, or non-blowback pistols where higher power gas can cause damage.

Red Gas

Red Gas is a medium power, and a good general gas for metal slide pistols, or when the ambient temperature drops

This gas can provide a higher power and can increase the cycling of your airsoft pistol when needed.

Great for WE Pistols.

Black / High power Gas

Guarder Black Gas / Abbey Vertex Gas

Black gas is mainly used in extreme cold temperatures to enable complete cycling of your metal slide pistol. It can also be used in gas blowback rifles, which require lubrication in moving the heavier internals. This gas is not designed for most pistols – in warmer weather this gas can cause damage as well as increased FPS over site limit.