Individual: A New Blog Series

In the wide world of airsoft we come across people from all different kinds of background and walks of life, but we all share a common interest and are all there for one main reason…to have fun! Each loadout is unique to the person who chooses it and wears it. Some players have all Viper gear, some choose to splash out even more and get 5.11 gear and some just get a mix of everything!

The joy of building a loadout is to make it unique to you and how you play, in our previous blog we talked about the top loadout set ups, but today we’re talking about one loadout specificly. This is a new series of blogs called ‘Individual’,  we will find one of you out there and ask you what you use, why you use it and what is it all about. If you wish to show off your gear and talk about your loadout, please do drop us an email at with the subject ‘individual’ and we’ll arrange a time for you to come in!

Our first volunteer in our new blog series is Paul, he’s 25 years old from Farnborough, Hampshire and has been building up his UK Special Forces inspired loadout for quite a while.

What kit and why?

Shirt and trousers – The shirt is a 5.11 rapid assault shirt in multicam, effective at keeping me cool in the heat and as it was from a reputable brand I know and have used before, I knew to expect decent quality and for it to be effective. The trousers are Kombat UK Spec Ops trousers in their BTP camo. A cheaper alternative to the Crye Precision style trousers, I didn’t notice a big difference in BTP compared to Multicam and they blend very well together. The knee pad version I chose as they add protection for the knee funnily enough and are a lot more practical than standard additional kneepads, they don’t slip down or come loose as they’re in a fixed position.


Plate carrier – Warrior assault systems low profile DCS in Olive. I chose it as it’s low profile and doesn’t interfere when I shoulder my weapon and lightweight compared to other plate carriers on the market.

Pouches – Warrior Multi calibre style pouches. They have a good retention on the magazines and an open top design meaning I don’t have to mess around with elastic on the top or velcro which could give my position away. My magazines are stable and don’t have fear of losing them when running or manouvering.

The majority of my pouches are all warrior and serve the purpose for what I need. My hydration system is the Source hydration bladder which I got after reading online that they don’t go mouldy like other brands and don’t leave plastic taste in your mouth, I can fill it up from bottles and taps without removing the bladder from the pouch.

Belt system – The belt system is the FRV Tailoring shooters belt and is very, very low profile, lightweight and easy to keep secure. There’s no need for a yoke or suspenders and can carry a decent amount of weight without bowing.

Holster – Safariland holster for the Sig P226. It has good retention and keeps my pistol close to my leg. Out of the way, but easy to access. Reputable brand as it’s made for real firearms, so I know I won’t lose my pistol or hear it rattling as I run.

Boots – These are Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX boots that are a good all weather boot and extremely comfortable. I was recommended these by a friend in Belgium who does a lot of Milsim training and excercises.

Rifle – Originally a G&P Commando M4, but externally I have changed the outer barrel to a 16″ barrel to get it as close to the real length as possible and changed it asthetically as much as possible, which included a reinforced front sight, real trademarks on the receiver, storm pistol grip, Car-15 stock and the smaller add on bits seen in the photos. It is to replicate the Diemarco L119A1 SFW. Internally I have had the Gate Titan installed for better performance overall, SHS high torque motor, SHS 6.03 tightbore barrel, Prometheus hop rubber and standard SHS plastic rotary hop up unit.

PistolTokyo Marui Sig P226, completely stock as they should be, equipped with a G&P M3 flashlight. I chose Tokyo Marui as they work in all weathers with no fuss and perform brilliantly.

What inspired you to do this loadout?

When I started airsoft I never had a ‘fixed’ loadout, I always compromised, but decided to go with something that works for me and looks good on the field. After all, for airsoft, looking good is half the battle. It’s a generic special forces loadout, but just adapted it to what works best for me really.

Did you base it around the gun or kit? or was it an accident?

I knew I wanted an M4 so got all the pouches for that, but I got all the kit first before the rifle, the L119 was just what I liked and got it for this particular loadout.

How long did it take to put together?

In it’s current state it’s been about 2 years roughly to get it how I want it, this was down to bits I kept wanting to change and then seeing what else I could get for it, the bits of kit I bought were all from different places at different times. I’m always changing bits and open to something new, I want to improve bits here and there depending on price, but on the lookout for something different.

Is there anything you’re missing that you can’t find?

I don’t know, there’s nothing I can think of that I want or need at the moment, but we’ll see for the future. Just a Desert Night Camouflage shirt from the Gulf war which is custom made and only in America. I just want it to be more readily available!


That was one of our regular customers and friend Paul, if you’d like to follow him on Instagram, his username is @buzzle12


If you wish to show off your gear and talk about your loadout, please do drop us an email at with the subject ‘individual’