What Kind Of Airsofter Are You? [QUIZ]

What kind of airsofter are you? Squad Leader, Sniper, Support? Find out in our brand new quiz!

What is Your Airsoft Role?

Airsoft is about teamwork and strategy. The best way to win is to have a well-rounded airsoft team that covers all the bases.

But what are the different airsoft roles? Which one is best for you? Socom Tactical has you covered! Take our quiz and discover your ideal role!

Question 1: Describe your ideal airsoft game

Question 2: What's is your play style?

Question 3: What is an ideal airsoft map/field/playing area?

Question 4: Which phrase best describes you?

Question 5: What's the true path to victory?

Question 6: Choose your weapon

Question 7: Which game mode do you prefer?

Result: You are a

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