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***** SOLD OUT*******

New 5.11 Centenary Anniversary Poppy patch to mark the end of the Great War. Only 40 available and will be up on the website this afternoon. Pop in store or order online to secure yours as soon as possible. £6 per patch

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5 days ago

Socom Tactical Airsoft

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winner of the Strataim Epsilon is...... Sean Ewok Ellis

Congratulations Please drop us a message with your address!

1 week ago

Socom Tactical Airsoft

Boost your next generation AEG to advanced training weapon system. TITAN V2 NGRS has the whole new trigger sensor, which allows to set hair trigger with ludicrous precision: at least 50 sensitivity levels for first millimeter of trigger movement. The innovative 3rd generation trigger sensor offers you even 420 possible sensitivity settings.

The date of release will be published soon. Stay tuned 💣

New video up for the Strataim grenade. Are there any tutorials you'd like to see next week? Comment below

www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA-3u4p5YJgThis video is made to demonstrate how easy it is to load the Strataim Epsilon BB grenade. It is powered by gas and sprays them as it spins as you'll see at t...

1 week ago

Socom Tactical Airsoft

Cloud 9 Combat pyro is back! We are once again fully stocked with MK5 thunderflashes, high output smoke grenades and friction pellet blast grenades. Have a look on our website or come in store to pick some up. Prices are below starting from £2.50 and lots of bulk deals available. Smoke grenades available in Yellow, Orange, White, Red, Blue and Green

MK5 - £2.50
10x MK5 - £23.50
100x MK5 - £210

Friction smoke - £2.80
5x Friction smoke - £13.50
50x Friction smoke - £130

Friction BB grenade - £4

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Fun with Strataim in the rain. Slow motion of the epsilon Strataim grenade out the back.

Available now at www.socomtactical.net

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1 week ago

Socom Tactical Airsoft

Thanks, Airsoft Doc for the VideoNew Video Just Uploaded! - Taking a look at the Oper8 Tactical Touch Charger that was kindly supplied to me by Socom Tactical Airsoft

Check it out! - youtu.be/Y77JHZKrchU

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Win me time! Strataim Nova Epsilon Impact grenade firing out a over 100 bbs in all direction to totaly ruin your opponents day.

How to win...

1) Like the post in this page (via via a share)
2) Share the post
3) Comment below on what is your best ever airsoft kill..

Closes 14th October winner will be randomly picked if all 3 points have been completed.

Winner will be announced around 18th October.
UK only sorry

Watch a review

So we are going to do a competition to win the new Strataim Nova Epsilon who would like to be one of the first in the UK to own one?

Watch this space into will be released today!
worth £75

Which type are you? Alot of great things to think about i am sure most of us have thought the same regarding certain players. Is it Just fun or do some people take it over the top?gameplay videos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGBzFAZ3s94 www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_vz1LsAlpU www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGJnB-8kIGA ... ...

2 weeks ago

Socom Tactical Airsoft

The TMC Modular 420 plate carrier has a great interchangable modular system where you can change the panels over to suit your loadout at the time without having to keep removing and attaching mills pouches. TMC do several modular attachments for many situations.

TMC 420 plate carrier - £75
TMC Assault back panel - £45
TMC Aasaulters panel - £29
TMC Helmet back panel - £45

See our range of products at www.socomtactical.net

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Looking for some CQB guns? The Ares Amoeba is a fantastic choice. Snappy, accurate and reliable. Come and have a look in store or look on our website for a wide range of airsoft guns.


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1 month ago

Socom Tactical Airsoft

We would like to stay safe to our suppliers and Friends in areas hit by the storms. below are a few pictures sent to us by our friends over in China.

Please be advised due to the severity of this some shipments may be delayed a little

Increase your performance with the new HPA powered mask guaranteed to increase your Speed and HP by 20% boost. ...


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